Here you'll find our portfolio of quilts and commissioned works. Even though most of these pieces are now sold and no longer available, we hope that these projects will give you an idea of what Color Conscious is all about. Color Conscious means diversity, cultural awareness, bold combinations, visual adventures, and thinking differently about the world around you.

Be sure to click on each quilt for a larger view and a fabric sample detail.

We may be able to fulfill your needs with a commissioned quilt or percussion project. Feel free to email us ( with your questions, suggestions, or gift ideas.

We also invite you to read some of our customer testimonials to learn how people feel about Color Conscious quilts and percussion accessories!

UCLA - sold

Railroad 1
Underground Railroad 1 - sold

Floating Sea Beads w/Tibetan Pendant - sold

Striped Tote - sold
Thai Flowers
Thai Flowers - sold
Midnight Butterfly
Midnight Butterfly - sold
Djembe Hat
Djembe Hats
Tibetan Coral Neckalace
Tibetan Coral - sold
Marimba Cover
Marimba Cover - sold
Yellow Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly - sold
Mixed Beads Necklace
Mixed Bead - sold
Tibetan Blue Necklace
Tibetan Blue - sold

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