Djembe Hats

Distinctive Color Conscious djembe hats are custom-made and available in three styles: Mudcloth, Kente, and Assorted Motifs. Unlike other manufacturers that sell drum covers in generic “large, medium, and small” sizes, each Color Conscious hat is custom-made to a drum’s specified diameter.

To protect the drum head, 1/2” foam is layered between top fabric and lining.  Elastic sides allow easy placement and removal.

Our stock of cotton fabrics changes regularly, so inquire before ordering.  Also, the patterns of hand-painted mudcloth vary quite a bit, so although the coloring is fairly standard, no two mudcloth patterns are alike.

Djembe Hats

For directions on how to measure your drum for correct hat sizing, see Order Tips on the Order page.

Mud Cloth Kente Assorted Motif

Mudcloth Style Djembe Hats


Choose from three mudcloth colors: Black and White; Black/White/Brown; Indigo

Hand-dyed and hand-painted, no two pieces of mudcloth are alike.  Each piece of mudcloth will vary, so no two hats will be the same.

$40 for all Mudcloth Hats

Black/White/Brown Mudcloth Djembe Hat
Black/White/Brown Mudcloth
Djembe Hat
Black and White Mudcloth
Djembe Hat
Indigo Mudcloth

Kente Style Fabric Djembe Hats


Select from the Kente Style fabrics below.  Style inventory varies; inquire before ordering.

$35 for all Kente Style Hats

Orange Square Kente Djembe Hat
Orange Square Kente
Yellow Square Kente Djembe Hat
Yellow Square Kente
Orange Kente Djembe Hat
Orange Kente
Yellow Diamond Kente Djembe Hat
Yellow Diamond Kente

Assorted Motif Style Djembe Hats


Choose from these cotton fabrics below.  Some selections are in limited supply; inquire before ordering.

$35 for all Assorted Motif Style Hats

Symbols Djembe Hat
Lime Adinkra Djembe Hat
Lime Adinkra
Orange Leaves Djembe Hat
Orange Leaves
Red Splash Djembe Hat
Red Splash
Violet Cowrie Djembe Hat
Violet Cowrie
Golden Red Djembe Hat
Golden Red
Blue Batik Djembe Hat
Blue Batik
Purple Elephant Djembe Hat
Purple Elephant



“Color Conscious djembe hats are the best available. The design and fabric selection not only protects the head but also makes each hat a work of art in itself. They are beautiful!”

Raynor Carroll — Pasadena, CA
Principal Percussion (retired), Los Angeles Philharmonic

Djembe hat

Djembe hat

“The selection of vibrant colors and patterns, makes Color Conscious the place to go if you're looking for a custom, well made djembe hat.»

Frank Kumiega, percussionist — Wilmington, MA

“If you need a djembe hat, this is the place to go. Absolutely the best place we have found for djembe hats. All you need to know is the diameter of your drum, and they will do the rest.”

Frank Thompson — Scottsdale, AZ
AZ Rhythm Connection, Founder
Remo Drum Circle Facilitator
National HeartRHYTHMS Trainer

“Beautiful work on my talking drum hat.... [The fabric] is absolutely gorgeous...and your sizing was perfect.”

Scott Senate — Deerfield Beach, FL

Djembe hat

Master drummer, Mamady Keita, gets fitted for a Color Conscious djembe hat in Los Angeles, CA during his 2001 U.S. workshop tour. For more information on Mr. Keita and his djembe workshops, see Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy.

“I love protecting my djembe with this hat. It's a perfect fit in both style and form. Keep up the beautiful work.”

Elliot Peper, Percussionist — New York, NY