The Start

In 1996, I made a baby quilt for a friend of mine.  I happened to bring the quilt to work one day, and by the end of the day, I had five quilt orders.  The next new birth was Color Conscious: Diversity in Design—a creative studio celebrating diversity, color, and design.

The Philosophy

I am inspired by the artifacts, beadwork, and fabrics of cultures worldwide—ultimately fascinated by our global similarities and differences.  Drawn to cross-cultural mixing, I like using bold and unusual combinations in whatever I make.  To be Color Conscious is to notice the world around you, to be aware of diversity in all forms, and to be mindful of our place in the world.

The Materials

I enjoy supporting the work of skilled artisans from all over the world, and I use all kinds of materials in my work—mola (the intricate appliqués of the Kuna Indians of Panama); colorful weavings from Guatemala; Balinese ikat; Thai silk; Tibetan beads; Native American clays; Japanese chirimen; African mudcloth (a traditional cotton fabric from Mali that is dyed in fermented mud); Kuba cloth (a handwoven fabric from the Congo made from the raffia plant); and many other terrific and unique fabrications. I often discover pieces when I travel, but I also shop locally for authentic materials and domestic goods.

Both attractive and functional, Color Conscious items should remind you of a far-away place, and in doing so, bring the world a little closer to you.

What’s New?

I am always adding new products to Color Conscious. Visit often to see what’s new!

Read about Color Conscious in this 2013 news article in the Rafu Shimpo, Los Angeles' Japanese-English language newspaper.


Djembe hat

“The selection of vibrant colors and patterns, makes Color Conscious the place to go if you're looking for a custom, well made djembe hat.”

Frank Kumiega, percussionist — Wilmington, MA

“This is very original, unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry that you don't find every day.”

Kristine Worden — Grand Terrace, CA


“Color Conscious djembe hats are the best available. The design and fabric selection not only protects the head but also makes each hat a work of art in itself. They are beautiful!”

Raynor Carroll — Pasadena, CA
Principal Percussion (retired), Los Angeles Philharmonic

Djembe hat

Railroad Quilt

“I supply a rave for the underground railroad quilt, commissioned for my big sister, an inner-city girls’ high school teacher in Ohio. She was thrilled with its artistry as a decorative piece and so happy to have a new way to share living history with her students.”

Tom Weaver — Los Angeles, CA

“To me, giving a Color Conscious quilt is giving the most unique of baby gifts. Long after the diaper genies, onesies, stuffed animals, and baby clothes are gone, the quilt will still be around. With so many baby things having an ubiquitous sense of bland sameness and standard cutesiness, the vivid quilts stand out as perfectly one-of-a-kind, the sort of thing you want to give your most dear friends and family.”

Naree Wongse-Sanit — Los Angeles, CA


“Beautiful work on my talking drum hat.... [The fabric] is absolutely gorgeous...and your sizing was perfect.”

Scott Senate — Deerfield Beach, FL

“Her eye for design is matched by her craftsmanship, color sense, and selection of unique and original materials!”

Jack Lindner — Ventura, CA


“The quilts I have ordered from Color Conscious are absolutely beautiful! [The quilts] have a charm that you don't find in commercially made products,...they could only have been made by someone with an artistic sense of color and design. Beautiful enough to be used as wallhangings, yet soft enough to snuggle in, I know these quilts will be treasured for many years.”

Harriet Walker — Long Island City, NY

“I fell in love with your products. They are more beautiful than I imagined and very well constructed.”

Stacia Crawford — Chicago, IL
African Accents

Tote Bag

Djembe hat

Master drummer, Mamady Keita, gets fitted for a Color Conscious djembe hat in Los Angeles, CA during his 2001 U.S. workshop tour. For more information on Mr. Keita and his djembe workshops, see Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy.

“My beautiful quilt from Color Conscious is one of my most prized possessions.”

Darryl Mori — Los Angeles, CA