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Here are one-of-a-kind gift ideas for special occasions, holidays, or just thinking-of-you! Check back frequently for new items!

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Need a “hostess gift” for your next party?  These coaster sets, wrapped to go, make ideal gifts for the home, and your host can use them right away.  Package tag reads: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” —Cesare Pavese

$18 per set

  • Set of 6 coasters, 4” x 4,” pre-packaged
  • Particle board base, with cotton fabric covering
  • Skid-resistant base
Blue Batik Coaster
Blue Batik
Cranes Red Coaster
Cranes Red
Black Floral Coaster
Black Floral
African Brown Coaster
African Brown
Bamboo Coaster
Red Bamboo
Blue Dogwood Coaster
Blue Dogwood
Fall Leaves Coaster
Fall Leaves
Indigo Bamboo Coaster
Indigo Bamboo
Red Batik Coaster
Red Batik
Philodendron Coaster
Sunflowers Coaster
Red Holiday Coaster
Red Holiday
Purple Dot Batik Coaster
Purple Dot Batik
Japanese Diagonal Coaster
Japanese Diagonal



Treat yourself to a little aromatherapy with lavender sachets (three to a package). Believed to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote wellness, place sachets under your pillow, in a drawer, or even in your car—any place where you want to enjoy this calming and soothing scent.


Sachets are filled with 100% natural lavender, and supplemented with lavender from my own garden. Package message reads: “Wishing you a day filled with good things.”

$15 each

  • Set of 3 sachets, 4” x 4,” pre-packaged
  • Fabric sachets filled with 100% natural lavender
  • Interior tag message reads: “Wishing you a day filled with good things.”
  • Limited sets available.
Flora Black Sachet
Floral Black
Flora Blue Leaves Sachet
Floral Blue Leaves
Floral Grey Sachet
Floral Grey
Floral Pink Sachet
Floral Pink
Floral Taupe Sachet
Floral Taupe
Floral Yellow Sachet
Floral Yellow
Floral Yellow Sachet
Floral Yellow 2



Put down that Kindle, and pick up a book! Make these fabric bookmarks a companion when you turn the pages of that next novel or textbook. Package tag reads: “Never judge a book by its movie.”—J.W. Eagan

$12 per set

  • Set of 3 bookmarks, roughly 9” x 3,” pre-packaged
  • Variety of cotton fabrics


Beige Cats Bookmark
Beige Cats
Jellies Bookmark
Cranes Bookmark
Daruma Bookmark
Beige Floral Bookmark
Beige Floral
Sumo Bookmark

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