Jewelry from Color Conscious

Welcome!  Here is just a sampling of Color Conscious jewelry made with gems and beads from around the world.  There's not enough room here to display all available earrings, bracelets, and necklaces--there are just too many choices!  To shop the full collection of jewelry, please visit me at an upcoming show or festival.  (When in season, shows are listed on the homepage.)  One-on-one sales appointments available upon request.


Tibetan Red Earrings
Tibetan Coral, $28
Purple Mosaic earrings
Purple Mosaic (SOLD)
Tibetan Mixed Colors Earrings
Tibetan Coral/Turquoise, $28
Jasper earrings
Jasper beads, sterling silver posts, $22
Sterling Hearts earrings
Sterling Hearts (SOLD)

Tibetan Lapiz earrings
Tibetan Lapiz (SOLD)


Cinnabar Dragon (SOLD)

Chirimen & Pearl (SOLD)

Tibetan Pendant & Pearls, $95

Brass Pendant & Lapiz (SOLD)
Sterling Sund & Hematite
Sterling Sund & Hematite, $45
Wood & Tibetan Pendant
Wood & Tibetan Pendant (SOLD)
Tibetan Amulet Necklace
Tibetan Amulet (Large), $165

Venetian glass with Tibetan pendant, $125
Mixed beads necklace
Mixed Bead 2, $55
Amber Wood necklace
Amber Wood (SOLD)
Venetian Blue necklace
Venetian Blue (SOLD)
Tibetan Amber
All Red Coral, $95
Large Coral Orbs
Large Coral Orbs, $75
Amber Sterling Pendant w/Chirimen cording
Amber Sterling Pendant w/Chirimen cording (SOLD)

Resin Necklaces

A wide assortment of hand-set, hand-poured resin necklaces available, and there's something for everyone!  Also, for the "mixed chick" in you, enjoy a special series that embraces multi-ethnic identity (below).  Available in Hapa100% Hapa (not shown)Mixed Chick, Mixed, and Be Hapa! (not shown). $15

Resin Necklaces
Hapa Necklaces


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