Enjoy these one-of-a-kind pieces, fashioned from gems and materials from around the world.

Not all available earrings and necklaces are displayed here.  To shop an entire collection of jewelry, visit me at an upcoming show or event. (Please check the Homepage regularly for a listing of seasonal events.)

Pieces no longer on view have been sold—but there’s always something new to take its place!

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Necklaces Earrings


Venetian Green Necklace
Green Glass Choker $125
Handblown Venetian glass
w/Tibetan Coral/Turquoise
pendant, amber Tibetan beads,
on waxed linen, 16.5”
Tibetan Small Necklace
Small Tibetan Pendants
(left) w/agate beads, 17" $45
(right) w/lava beads,18" $65
Tibetan Medium Necklace
Medium Tibetan Pendants
(top) brass/garnet pendant w/sodalite beads, 17” $55
(bottom) brass/turquoise pendant w/agate beads, 16" $65
Multi Bead Waxed Strand Necklace
Multi Bead Strand $85
Ceramic beads on waxed linen, 40"
Red Glass Lotus Necklace
Lotus $65
Indian pendant, w/red tumbled glass,on waxed linen,17"
Bali Sterling Opal Necklace
Balinese Opal $85
Balinese sterling/pearl/opal pendant w/agate beads 17"
Brass Blue Glass Necklace
Brass Botanical $65
Brass botanical pendant, w/blue tumbled glass on waxed linen, 18"
Rust Tassel Necklace
Rust Tassel $125
Tibetan Amber/Silver pendant, w/African beads, tassel, and hand-beaded roping 37" including tassel
Fish Necklace
Carved Fish $125
Carved agate, w/woven roping, sliding closure allows 17-27"
Tibetan Amber Necklace
Tibetan/African $85
Tibetan resin pendant, w/African disk beads, 31"
BrassTurquoise Necklace
Brass Pendant $85
Tibetan brass/silver pendant, w/turquoise and wood beads, 18"
Mixed Bead Necklace
Mixed Bead $65
Assorted beads and gems, 19"
River Jasper Necklace
River Jasper $95
Single strand, 33"
Sterling Hematite Necklace
Sterling Pendant $65
Balinese sterling/wood pendant, w/Hematite beads, 18"
Tibetan Pearls Necklace
Mosaic Pendant $95
Tibetan silver/turquoise/coral pendant, w/glass and agate beads, 18"
Hapa Resin Necklaces
Hapa Resin Necklaces $15 each
For the “mixed chick” in you, enjoy a special series of resin necklaces that embrace multi-ethnic identity. Each pendant is hand-set and hand-poured. Available in Hapa, Mixed, and Mixed Chick.


Copper Earrings
Copper Circles $30
Glass Pearl Earrings
Glass/Pearl $25
Grey Blue Flowers Earrings
Blue Glass Flowers $20
Opal Pearl Earrings
Opal/Pearls $35
Silver Hoops Earrings
Sterling Hoops $35
Sterling Pearl Earrings
Sterling/Pearls $75
Two Tibet Earrings
Tibetan Coral/Turquoise $30 each
Vermeil Earrings
Vermeil/Lucite $35
Vermeille Onyx Earrings
Vermeil/Onyx $85
Sterling Ear Earrings
Sterling African Star $95
Sterling Hematite Earrings
Sterling/Hematite $30
Brass Sterling Hematite Earrings
Brass/Sterling/Hematite $55
All Sterling Pendant Hoops Earrings
Sterling Drops $85
Mother of Pearl Earrings
Mother of Pearl Sets, $25 each
Sterling Pearl Earrings
Swirl Sterling/Pearls $75

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